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Everyone is born with strong intuition—an open pathway through which we receive divine guidance. Years spent developing cognitive skills within our culture, one that values decision-making based on rational thought over hunches, have slowly diminished our trust in our innate intuitive knowing.


Our purpose at Dream Weavers is to teach you how to become more sensitive to your intuition, to strengthen it and to nurture it.

The cost to participate in any of our classes is your tax-deductible donation to Food Bank for the Heartland, to be paid prior to your first workshop with us. See the workshop page for details.


about Teryl (Terry) Myers

Terry Myers
Terry Myers is the founder and lead trainer at Dream Weavers Intuitive Life Learning Center

Terry Myers spent twenty years developing and delivering skills-based training programs for numerous companies in Omaha. In 2015, she opened Dream Weavers Intuitive Life Learning and developed a four-week workshop to train people how to interpret the messages from their dreams to guide them along their life journey.


Terry continues to further her education and evolve her existing workshops to best meet the needs of her diverse student base. With help of our new team member, Christine, Terry now offers:

  • Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose, a clear way to uncover your life’s mission
  • Infinite Possibilities, The Art of Living your Dreams, one of Dream Weavers most popular four-week workshops. Terry is an Infinite Possibilities certified trainer.
  • Fundamentals of Dream Interpretation
  • Zero in on Your Potential, using your birth name and your date of birth to uncover your innate talents
  • Perspectives, a new monthly discussion group
  • A monthly lecture series on a wide variety of amazing topics
  • Private dream interpretation sessions, either in-person or via Zoom
  • Conscience Dream Play, a way to work with your dreams while awake
  • Private, one-on-one or small group numerology readings

And the list of courses keeps growing! Check out our list of classesworkshops to learn about our current course offerings.

All tuition is a paid via your direct donation to the Food Bank for the Heartland. Gift certificates are also available. Classes are held at Dream Weavers Intuitive Life Learning, 20275 Honeysuckle Drive, Suite 105, Elkhorn, NE 68022, or via Zoom.