Everyone is born with strong intuition—an open pathway through which we receive divine guidance. Years spent developing cognitive skills within our culture, one that values decision-making based on rational thought over hunches, have slowly diminished our trust in our innate intuitive knowing. At Dream Weavers, we work to help you remember our native language of intuition and widen the flow of divine messages in our dreams, imagination and the synchronicity of life events.

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dream interpretation

Your nighttime dreams hold the answers to your daytime dilemmas. This multi-session class will help you capture,

identify and understand the incredible insights your dreams provide. Workshops and one-on-one sessions available.


Numerology utilizes our date of birth and our given name to help us better understand our life’s mission

and help us uncover better ways to understand ourselves and others.


infinite possibilities

Remember the story of Aladdin and the Magic Genie? Aladdin has three wishes that the Genie must

grant, saying, “Your wish is my command.” The Universe grants an infinite number of your wishes. Learn how to harness the power.